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Campaigners notch up important win to keep Bromley’s libraries public

Unite members and Bromley residents notched up an important win in their campaign to stop the privatisation of Bromley’s libraries after the building firm Carillion confirmed it had withdrawn a bid to run the libraries on behalf of Bromley council ...

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Why we need a Fair Deal

Many Labour councils have attempted to defend services and maintain a public ethos including employees' rights. The reality, however, has been a decline in services, an increase in privatisation, job losses and cuts to pay and conditions.

A Fair Deal for Public Services brings together councils and constituency Labour parties with the London and Eastern Region of Unite in a campaign to defend local government services and employees' terms and conditions.

The campaign puts down a marker for how councils should undertake procurement of services and how it should treat its employees including outsourced workers.

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Austerity Britain

Local government is facing complete destruction. This is the reality. Within a few years, it is possible that local government as we know it will no longer exist. The threats come from a number of angles. Councils are increasingly moving toward commissioning status, where the role is to manage contracts rather than provide services.

Some have made clear that budget strategies are based on only providing services that Councils are legally obliged to provide. Others have tried to soften the blow by handing services to a social enterprise or to charities. But when it comes to a race to the bottom for pay and conditions after a transfer, these organisations have been among the worst offenders.

This is why Unite is launching our Fair Deal For Local Government Campaign. We think that to date, in many areas it's been too easy to privatise services. Our members have then suffered when new service providers have poorer conditions than that provided by the Council.

This campaign will be taking on both those issues, but we need you to get fully behind it.

We will be lobbying Councillors for support and petitioning staff to get as many people as possible to sign up to the campaign.

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