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  • Campaigners notch up important win to keep Bromley’s libraries public

    Thursday 2nd March 2017

    Unite members and Bromley residents notched up an important win in their campaign to stop the privatisation of Bromley’s libraries after the building firm Carillion confirmed it had withdrawn a bid to run the libraries on behalf of Bromley council.

    The confirmation follows a concerted campaign by concerned residents to defend Bromley’s library service which has also seen Bromley Community Link withdraw its bid to run Bromley libraries with volunteers.

    The campaigners understand that the only bidder left in the running for Bromley libraries is Greenwich Leisure Limited.

    Commenting Unite regional officer Onay Kasab said: “This is a significant step in our campaign to keep Bromley’s well-loved libraries out of the clutches of privateers looking to make a quick buck out of an essential service.

    “Bromley’s libraries are well used by people from all walks of life right across the borough. An essential point of social contact they provide learning and enjoyment for all ages.

    “We will not rest until Bromley council ditches its privatisation plans and will now focus our campaign on the remaining bidder which we believe is Greenwich Leisure Limited.”


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