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Fair Deal

Why we need a Fair Deal

Austerity Britain many Labour councils have attempted to defend services and maintain a public ethos including employees’ rights. The reality, however, has been a decline in services, an increase in privatisation, job losses and cuts to pay and conditions.

A Fair Deal for Public Services brings together councils and constituency Labour parties with the London and Eastern Region of Unite in a campaign to defend local government services and employees' terms and conditions. The campaign puts down a marker for how councils should undertake procurement of services and how it should treat its employees including outsourced workers.

A Fair Deal for Public Services

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Procurement Strategy

  • A full Service Review to assess how in-house provision can be improved and enhanced should be carried out before a decision is made to undertake an options appraisal
  • The local authority’s Corporate Procurement Strategy should include Protocols on employment policies, trade union and service user engagement in the procurement
  • Contract award criteria should have a minimum 50% quality with technical criteria and price accounting for the remainder  
  • Quality standards and the methods by which they will be achieved and maintained should be a key part of the evaluation process. A public statement detailing the approach should be issued before the award of the contract 
  • Regular and rigorous monitoring throughout the contract period with monitoring staffing costs accounting for a minimum of 2 per cent of the annual contract value.  
  • Where practicable common rights for directly employed and contracted out workers  
  • No imposed zero hour contracts  
  • Commitment to minimise use of agency staff.  
  • Commitment to abide by the agency worker legislation.  
  • Adoption of Living Wage Foundation status.  
In-house Services
  • Commitment to maintain national agreements  
Contracted out services
  • No downward harmonisation in contacted out services  
  • Maintenance of full trade union rights and facilities in contracted out services  
  • Contracted out workers protected by council union oversight committee  

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